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Humble School, Grand Dream

In front, lay the Bhutto residence, al-Murtaza, seat of the...

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About Sindh Education Alliance

Sindh Educational Alliance in Larkana works by creating a strong bond between parents, local government, media, and educational organizations. Our focus has been on highlighting the challenges in the educational sector, which are negatively impacting the learning outcomes of students in the region. Our work has included emphasizing the missing facilities in educational institutions, the poor conditions of schools in slum areas, and the number of children out of school. By facilitating meaningful conversation through corner meetings, workshops, seminars and rallies Sindh Educational Alliance wants to send a strong message to communities that they have an integral role to play if the quality of education in the region is to improve.

Our Team

Junaid Ahmed – Team Leader

Junaid has been working in the development sector since 2010 focusing on education and youth empowerment. Having worked with reputable organizations in the past, Junaid has experience in training of teachers and community development workers on child centered teaching methodologies and community empowerment. Junaid leads a team of over 150 volunteers across Larkana. This team has organized one of the biggest science festival in the country in 2018 with over 25,000 attendees.


Abrar is a young education activist and has been associated with Udhyaana since last year. He works on the political alliances front of the mission.

Jamshaid Ahmed

Jamshaid is an enthusiastic community worker with experience of working with young people of all ages throughout Larkana. A part of the campaign for many years driving community mobilization and social engagement, Jamshaid pushes authorities & stakeholders to make education their first priority.

Shehzad Khaskheli

Shehzad is a Civil engineer by education and runs his own company. Passionate about education and youth development, Shehzad also runs his own not-for-profit called the Sindh Youth Foundation. He brings to the organisation his immense public dealing experience and is instrumental in arranging political and public meetings for the campaign.

Abdul Rauf Brohi

A believer in the power of digital media, Rauf’s creativity falls in analyzing issues with a critical eye and creating powerful content for digital advocacy. Rauf hopes to become a Chartered Accountant one day, but his true passion lies in education reform.

Muhammad Tariq

With a passion for history and literature, Tariq understands how education can uplift an individual’s mind and soul. Currently doing his Masters in Pakistan Studies, Tariq has been a long-standing volunteer for the Sindh Educational Alliance playing a vital role as far back as 2015, when the Alliance organised a significant long march to re-emphasize the issue of closed schools.

Zameer Ali

An out-of-the-box thinker, Zameer works on all aspects of event management, including community mobilisation, managing registrations, logistics etc. A strong team player, Zameer brings out the best amongst all volunteers.

Safiullah Waseem

A medical student, Saifullah works in the digital team of the Sindh Education Alliance which is a strong component of the campaign in Larkana. He also participates in various other social activities within the community.

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